Best iPhone To-Do Apps

For many the introduction of the iPhone seemed to herald our new era of productivity. Suddenly (and for a low price) everybody could carry around the world’s best to do assistants. With choice came information overload, however, as the range of to-do applications quickly became a rabbit hole.

So, which are the best iPhone applications which actually help productivity, rather than creating new work? And how do we integrate iPhone to-do lists with our other sources of information, such as diaries, emails, and paper based systems?

We will cover all of that after a quick look at some of the leading contenders.


Built into your iPhone, and now using Siri, Reminders is the app to beat. Reminders can be location-based, so that you will be reminded to buy toothpaste at the supermarket, or they can be time based (remind me on Monday morning), or recurring (remind me every Friday). Best yet, you don’t even need to open an app to use it, as Siri lets you add things to various lists by voice. But it’s worth learning a few tricks, to make this truly intuitive and fast.


Finally, apps are getting good at reducing as many steps as possible, to create truly fast to-do lists. The best we’ve found recently is Clear – a good overview is also available as the first item on this show.

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  1. Lonn says:

    Check out TaskRadar via google play ( or iphone( if you haven’t already. I had the same idea and was laying down the groundwork for creating an app until I found that the ideas was already out there. Now I am connected with their team (Sockmonkey Solutions) and we are in the process of working out a way to work together. I think the radar screen platform has HUGE potential for a variety for reasons. I would love to hear what you think of the app/radar screen idea? Thanks for all of the info on your blog!–I have been scouring through it this afternoon.

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