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    When we are making up our own, often hacked together, to-do systems, one of the problems can be: how do we get certain parts of our workflow to "speak" to each other? For instance, how to we get ...

A Screenshot To-Do System

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Productivity junkies will know the very unproductive habit of forever passing tasks from one app into another. If you think about it, this should be no surprise. App makers (like drug companies) operate under a ...

Using Plain Text Files as To Do Lists

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It's a fair question to ask a productivity junkie what systems they use themselves. And while I love my system like a friend (it has taken years of research to find one that has stuck), I was cautious in posting it here, ...

Paper + Mind Map + Smartphone

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Timer-based to-do lists have been around for a long time. If you are interested in personal efficiency you will no doubt have heard of the Pomodoro technique, which uses an egg timer to encourage working in focused, 25 ...

Burning Money

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We all keep many types of lists, even if in our heads: our life priorities, our current objectives, our lifelong goals. More than likely we also neglect just as many of these lists! This is a method which can help keep ...

The All-In One System

iPhone, Mac systems, Paper Based, Simple

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We all have to-do lists. And we have our emails. Unfortunately, keeping two separate lists is a simple way to make your to-do lists almost immediately out of date. And swapping information from one to the other also adds ...

Gmail as a To-Do System

iPhone, Simple

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For many the introduction of the iPhone seemed to herald our new era of productivity. Suddenly (and for a low price) everybody could carry around the world's best to do assistants. With choice came information overload, ...

Best iPhone To-Do Apps