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Here's a possible paradigm-shifting idea: what if the very idea of a to-do list is flawed? Think about it... a to-do list can never be complete. New things are coming at us every second. And the very idea of a list ...

Keeping a ‘Not To Do’ List

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We all have to-do lists. And we have our emails. Unfortunately, keeping two separate lists is a simple way to make your to-do lists almost immediately out of date. And swapping information from one to the other also adds ...

Gmail as a To-Do System

iPhone, Simple

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The answer for true To-Do productivity came for me from the Fluid app ( It's a mac only app that turns web pages into individual programs, that can then sit in your dock. The reason it works so ...

Fluid App for Mac

Mac systems, Simple

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This to-do system uses basic psychology to succeed where other systems fail. It is worth trying, even if just to gain a better understanding of how your mind resists and accepts different things to do. This system ...

Easy Bribe System

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This is one of my favorite to-do systems. It combines the neatness of digital systems, to the intuitiveness and immediacy of paper based to-do lists. This system uses erasable ink pens - I recommend these ones, that ...

Erasable Pen System

Paper Based, Simple

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This is perhaps the best to-do system for those who want a very simple technique - that nevertheless keeps your priorities in order. This system uses pen and paper optional word processor, or other digital writing ...

Michael Linenberger’s ‘Total Workday Control’

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