Erasable Pen System

This is one of my favorite to-do systems. It combines the neatness of digital systems, to the intuitiveness and immediacy of paper based to-do lists.

This system uses

  • erasable ink pens – I recommend these ones, that use friction and leave your paper crisp and clean.
  • a lined pad, preferably with thick paper, full (A4) sized and spiral bound.


1. Write down your day’s jobs, all in one page, in a lined pad of your preference.

2. Make sure you use an eraseable ink pen.

3. Tomorrow, complete any jobs unfinished, or start a new page. Erase any jobs that have been completed, or copied over into a new day.

4. If your pages become too wrinkled (possible over time), simply copy any jobs over and remove the old page.


  • Writing a job down onto a piece of paper is intuitive to most people.
  • The pens are inexpensive – about the same price as other pens.
  • You do not have to be online, or have access to a computer or device, to find your to-do list. This often removes many steps (turning a device on, turning an app or program on, navigating to the right page, etc).
  • Jobs are tactile, and removing them is enjoyable.
  • Importantly, using a removable ink pen removes the biggest problem with paper based systems – pages that become objectionable from too much crossing out.
  • Erasable ink is also more attractive and readable than the usual erasable medium of pencil.


  • Busy people may have a lot of erasing to do.
  • Non digital means it cannot be backed up, and must be carried when traveling (this may not matter to most people).


  • Tie the pen to your pad, if you are in the habit of losing your erasable pen. This stops you filling it in with non-erasable ink at these times.

Our Rating

rating: 4.0 stars
A very simple trick that will keep most people happy over the long term.

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